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Entire School ERP Nervous System

For every institution, it is important to maintain the records, registrations, and grading. Performing these tasks manually, will lead to non-accuracy or duplicacy of tasks and even may lack privacy. So, a proper system is required for maintaining the students' records

Records attendance

Helps in keeping the record of attendance and the leave details

Scheduling exam

Helps in scheduling the examinations of the students

Creating grade books

It is easy to manage the written exam and create grade books of the students


Parents can easily make payments in just a click rather than visiting the school campus or banks

Supports large data

A large amount of data can be stored and maintained with ease with this system


Makes it easy to operate and process the setups without any difficulty

System Update

Makes it smooth to enter information into the system with ease

Track of data

Recording and maintenance of data is easy that helps in tracking the student’s performance
Reduces the workload of staff members

institutes have full control over data

Student Information Management System

OkieDokie helps in managing the details of profiles, logins, exams, and fees. Educational institutions can digitize and efficiently manage students' information. It helps in better evaluation of students.
Helps in building strong alumni
Seamless Communication
Track numerous activities
Enhanced work comfort
User Friendly

Benefits of Student Information System

For Teachers

  • To create grade books
  • Scheduling of timetable
  • Seamless Communication.
  • Keeping a record of attendance

For Administration

  • Safety Control
  • Centralized accounting
  • Management of profile
  • Attractive user Interface

For Students

  • ● Easy access to their information
  • ● Easy to view results and grades
  • ● Notified of special events
  • ● Time table management

For Parents

  • ● Having an eye on student’s results and grades
  • ● Easy to get progress updates
  • ● Instant communication with the tutors
  • ● Details about important events


  • 1. What is the purpose of the Student Information System (SIS)?


    OkieDokie enables us to compile, store and manage centralized data. It includes managing online admissions, fees details, student attendance and many more and helps in keeping the track of students’ performance.

  • 2.What are the benefits of implementing a Student Information System (SIS)?

    • ● Maintains complete student record
    • ● Centralized platform
    • ● Data safety
    • ● Tracks administrative & non-administrative activities
    • ● Transparency and collaboration between teachers, students, parents & administration
  • 3.How does SIS works at Okiedokie?

    • ● Ensures data security
    • ● Manages student’s account
    • ● Manages students’ attendance
    • ● Seamless Communication
    • ● Simplifies academic and administrative processes
    • ● Fees payment