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Microsoft Teams
Microsoft teams enable effective learning all in one place. It helps connect in a virtual environment, teachers can easily communicate with the students and easily store accessible files. It manages and supports the burden with ease. Students can easily send their completed tasks within the Teams app and can also send feedback. Moreover, it is a digital hub that helps in bringing content, conversations, and apps together in one place. It is built for hybrid work so that every teacher and students remain updated and notified
It helps in managing and measuring the progress of students and also help teachers and students to communicate with each other. Also, it helps in uploading the lectures, recordings, and other learning materials all in a central hub. The students can access the learning materials anytime and these courses provide a personal space for the learners to reflect on their learning journey and could record the feedback and further can set the targets for the future. Moreover, for evaluating the performance of the students, quizzes can be updated

Key Features

Question paper generation
Online objective assessment
Quizzes and Books
Automated publication of results
Only Licensed user can be part of LMS
Dedicated LMS Mobile App
Online Classes with saved recordings
Automated attendance and fees alert


  • 1. How is LMS helpful for educational institutions?

    • LMS helps in managing their curriculum and organizing and sharing the content like the course materials, syllabus, assignments,and many more.
  • 2.What are the benefits of LMS?

    • ● Organizes content
    • ● Skill development
    • ● Flexible learning
    • ● Seamless networks

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