Inventory management system
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create and manage
Admin can create and manage Items (such as Stationery, Uniforms, Books) which institute needs to distribute among students and/or faculties. Add and manage the vendors from who, institutes purchase the items. Admin can also view the vendor history
purchase orders
Admin can directly note down the Purchase orders in our Institute Management System. Once added admin has the option to Print PDF and view. One can also mark the order as received to directly add them in stock.
Item details
Admin can also view all details of one particular item. Different groups can be created for the distribution of stock. Admin also has the option to create sub-sections. Items can be allotted to the sections or subsections created.
quality check
Admin can monitor expiration dates, conduct quality checks, and trace each product back to its batch. This enables you to handle warranty claims and product recalls with ease.

This robust system makes the monitoring more convenient and accurate for the asset manager.


  • 1. What are the benefits of Inventory Management system?

    • ● Managing in an organized way
    • ● Less time for managing manual work
    • ● Quick reorder alert
    • ● Manages purchase orders
    • ● Customized Software
    • ● Transparent record keeping
  • 2. Who can opt for this system?

    • Any School/ Institute who wants to maintain the inventory can opt for this system.

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