HRMS can be used in

payroll management, overall maintenance of employee information within an organization and
candidate recruiting
leave approval
succession planning
attendance tracking
career progression
performance reviews

accounting system

Our accounting system an easy to use and effective tool to help you stay organized. Don't spend time entering vouchers manually, let our software do the work for you and manage all of your voucher, the automatic voucher entry system allows you to automate the voucher entry process, so you no longer have to worry about manual work.
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  • 1. Why to opt for the OkieDokie HRMS System?

    • ● Effective Employee Management
    • ● Quick payroll processing
    • ● Reduces redundancy in data entry
    • ● Employee satisfaction
    • ● Customized Software
    • ● Improved information access
  • 2. How can the Accounting system of OkieDokie help you?

    • ● Creates and send invoices
    • ● Recordes expenses
    • ● Automates a plethora of repetitive manual tasks