It provides you complete visibility

Across all your systems, so you can
optimize your working processes
track your income and expenses in real time
ensure cost effectiveness

High - Impact Digital Services

That helps you to identify areas where you can save costs
Fee Reports

Get the right reports at the right time. Daily fee reports, Due fee reports, concession report are available at one click. Our ERP system automatically gathers essential data and sends MIS report to you via email.

Automatic Student Promotion

This tool provides automatic student promotion to the next class level across all classes when a student meets specific criteria

Concession Management

Keep the record of concession in an organized way with proof and remarks given by management

Multi Session Due Fee Track

It helps you to keep track of all the fees collection and dues through all previous sessions, Students in the current session will have their previous session dues added to their account


  • 1. What is the need for opting Fees management system in educational institutions?

    • OkieDokie provides this system to automate the fees payments and the procedure for collection of payments. The educational institutions should adopt this system for ensuring the fees collection and all the transactions relating to fee payments.
  • 2. How can parents pay fees using OkieDokie?

    Parents need to follow a simple way to pay their child’s fee:
    • ● Open OkieDokie app
    • ● Login with the registered mobile number (provided in school/ college)
    • ● Details regarding the dues will be shown on the panel
    • ● Make payment by filling required details
    • ● Check E-receipt on SMS
  • 3. What are the benefits of using OkieDokie software for payments?

    • ● Centralized system
    • ● Instant notifications
    • ● Instant E-receipts
    • ● 24*7 access
    • ● Integrated mobile app
    • ● Transparent platform

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