Features of Exam and Gradebook

Customized report cards

OkieDokie helps in customizing the report cards in the gradebook according to the requirements of the institutes

Conduct online exams

It helps in providing a safe and secure way for conducting the examinations for multiple students at the same time


It makes it easy for the institutions to create and schedule examinations and notify the students regarding those

Parent Access

The parents can easily access and monitor the progress of their student with the latest grades

Reduced workload

It saves the time and efforts of the teachers by consolidating the hectic grading process into software

Easy to use

Conducting online examinations and performance evaluation can be done with ease

Assessment challenge

By Grading
There is lack of transparency in the assessment system and no proper way for students to know about the assessment processes and grading technique
By change in Examination pattern
It is difficult for the students to adjust with new examination patterns and about attempting new forms of questions
By Teachers Assessment issues
The process followed by the teachers for assessing the students needs to change. The teachers themselves have to put some effort into preparing and planning the assessments
By Lack of Training
The educational institutes sometimes lack proper training regarding the assessment techniques, methods, technology that the teachers and examiners must possess


  • 1. What are the benefits of the grading system?

    • ● Helps in brainstorming with more ideas
    • ● Reduces focus pressure from students
    • ● Idea about strengths & weaknesses about various subjects
    • ● Analyzing the performance
  • 2. Can the students and parents have access to their grades online?

    • Yes, the students and parents can easily access their grades, assignments, results,etc
  • 3. Why to opt for OkieDokie Examination management system

    • ● Simplifies exam scheduling
    • ● Provides accuracy
    • ● Cost-effective
    • ● Saves time and effort of teachers
    • ● Results can be viewed in a single click
    • ● Security of records

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